Peak yield last November was 25l/cow

## ## Major boost for Jersey breeding

Grass is the main feed in the diet, mainly in spring, while they are fed TMR, a mix of grass silage, maize silage, wheat and straw, through the winter.

Protein is the only ingredient that is bought in. When the cows are in full production they consume 19kg dry matter of this ration. Peak yield last November was 25l/cow.

He says despite the perceived opinion in Ireland that Danish Jerseys will not milk off grass as well as New Zealand Jerseys, his herd yielded 573kg of fat and protein off grass last year.

The average yield was 1,249ga/cow at 5.71pc butterfat and 4.09pc protein, feeding only 500kg of meal. His average price was 10c/l above the average price paid with Kerry.

Mullingar farmer Kevin Brady says Jerseys are easy to care for, easy calving and quick to go back in calf. His Jerseys are making a positive contribution to milk solids in the bulk tank, adding 17 18pc to the value of a litre of milk on the farm.

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